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Staff Directory 2022-2023

Most staff email addresses are not available on the website due to security issues. Please call the main office for specific email addresses or check Home Access Center (HAC) for the teacher’s email address.


Mr. Hathaway  Principal Email
Ms. Cantrell Assistant Principal Email
Ms. Bielefeldt Assistant Principal

Guidance and Instructional Leadership

Ms. Devaney Curriculum Resource Teacher
Ms. Downie Math/Science Coach
Ms. Smeland Instructional Literacy Coach
Ms. Fehrs Interventionist
Ms. McManus Interventionist
Ms. Jenkins Student Behavior Intervention Coordinator Email
Ms. H. Smith Guidance Counselor
Ms. Rutkowski Clerk

Front Office Team

Ms. Kelley School Nurse
Ms. Hendry Front Desk Receptionist
Ms. Lynch Secretary/Bookkeeper
Mr. Mastropierro Technical Support
Mr. McElroy Youth Resource Officer
Ms. Tatum Data Entry Operator


Ms. Brim Gifted Resource Teacher
Ms. Carberry DHH Teacher
Ms. Dobbie Mental Health Counselor
Mr. Burroughs Behavior Tech
Ms. Sheltz  Occupational Therapist
Ms. A. Smith  School Psychologist
Ms. Ross School Social Worker Email
Ms. Whitlock  Physical Therapist


Ms. Blevins
Ms. Conrad
Ms. DeAngelis
Ms. Ferlaino
Ms. Griffin
Ms. Peryam

First Grade

Ms. Bailey
Ms. Furlong Associate Teacher
Ms. Gordon
Ms. Howard
Ms. Williams
Ms. Wollwerth
Ms. Tate

Second Grade

Ms. Allen
Ms. Canada
Ms. Crane Associate Teacher
Ms. Enders
Ms. Fouraker
Ms. Gause

Third Grade

Ms. Asselta
Ms. Highman
Ms. Kassel
Ms. Oxborough
Ms. Whelan

Fourth Grade

Ms. Barlotta
Mr. Hughes
Mr. Bergman
Ms. Pitre

Fifth Grade

Ms. Amara
Ms. Foley
Ms. Keller
Ms. Tomassetti
Ms. Twine

ESE Team

Ms. Gay Speech-Language Pathologist
Ms. Grivois Speech-Language Pathologist
Ms. Toombs Speech-Language Pathologist
Ms. J. Garcia VE
Ms. Johnson VE
Ms. Lake VE
Ms. Marshall VE
Mr. Diem VE
Ms. Forlenzo VE
Ms. Gregos VE
Mr. Conrad Paraprofessional
Ms. Hardy Paraprofessional
Ms. J. Jenkins Paraprofessional
Ms. Loyd Paraprofessional
Ms. Omiecinski Paraprofessional
Ms. V. Smith Paraprofessional
Ms. M. Woods Paraprofessional

Title I Team

Mr. Brill Paraprofessional
Ms. Finch Paraprofessional
Ms. Parsons Paraprofessional
Mr. Wainscott Paraprofessional

Pre-K / VPK / Head Start

Ms. M. Garcia PreK
Ms. Goyette PreK
Ms. Granger PreK
Ms. Harvey/Ms. Haynie PreK
Ms. Lois PreK
Ms. Moss PreK
Ms. Robertson/Ms. Wampler PreK
Ms. Aschoff Paraprofessional
Ms. Breen Paraprofessional
Ms. Gatlin  Paraprofessional
Ms. Meizlik Paraprofessional
Ms. Price Paraprofessional
Ms. Sherman Paraprofessional
Ms. Snow Paraprofessional
TBA Paraprofessional
TBA  Paraprofessional

Resource Team

Ms. Blanco Media Specialist
Ms. Teta Media Paraprofessional
Ms. Bielaszka Music Teacher
Mr. Mittelstadt Art Teacher
Ms. Marcusky Physical Education
Mr. Sage P E Paraprofessional


Mr. Strickland Maintenance Coordinator Email

Food and Nutrition Services

Ms. Grasso Email

Extended Day

Ms.  O’Mara Extended Day Coordinator Email
Ms. Green  
Ms. Horan  
Ms. Pickens