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11/1/2023- In early October, the Food and Nutrition Service Department (FNS) was notified by our dairy provider of a nationwide milk carton shortage.  Whereas in the past we would serve 3-4 varieties of milk, we are currently down to 2 varieties (1% white and Skim Chocolate).

Projections have the dairy running out of chocolate containers by the first week of November.  All efforts are being made to continue to have 1% white milk available until all other varieties come back in stock around the first of the year.

FNS will continue to work with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service to provide approved alternative beverage choices, most likely juice and water, for meals going forward.

-Mike Baker, Director

Have you heard we are offering free breakfast and lunch for our students this year?

View CEP Letter to learn more.

Osceola Cafeteria Information

Students at Osceola can receive breakfast or lunch everyday in the cafeteria.  Hot or cold breakfast and lunch options are available which includes milk.  Breakfast and Lunch menus can be viewed on 


For the 2023-2024 school year, PayPAMS can be used to add money to your child’s lunch account.

PayPAMS offers an easy way to prepay for students’ cafeteria meals or snacks online. 


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