What is AVID Elementary?

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  The AVID Elementary program is a school-wide approach that is utilized at every grade level for our students at Osceola.  This corner of the PawPrints will give you information each week that will highlight aspects of AVID.  This first installment will outline the Organizational Tool or “OT” as our students call it!

The Organizational tool is used at every grade level and teaches our students the importance of being responsible and staying organized.  It looks different at each grade level depending on what is developmentally appropriate.  Below gives background on what you should expect your child to use at each grade level.

  • Kindergarten:  Utilization of bins/baskets; Communication (Monday) folder; Daily Planner
  • First grade:  Keeping desks clean, use of materials container, books, organized, random desk checks and Communication (Monday) folder; Daily planner
  • Third grade: Keep backpacks clean and organized; Perform backpack checks; Notebook/spiral Communication (Monday) folder; Daily planner
  • Fourth grade: Organizational tool is a three ring binder with color-coded dividers;  Pencil pouch with contents; Communication (Monday) folder; Daily planner
  • Fifth grade:  Backpack, Organizational tool is a three ring binder with color-coded dividers, Spiral Notebooks for Core Subjects; Binder with pencil pouch; Communication (Monday) Folder; Daily planner
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