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FAQ for a Safe and Secure Arrival

Why do I need to keep my child’s name tag on the dashboard all the way through the line?

  • Since we have many adults and safety patrols helping students out of and into the cars, it is extremely helpful if we know the names of the students and their grade level.
  • Our staff members can determine the grade level by the color of the car tag, PreK students as well.
  • The PreK tags must be on the dashboard/mirror for our traffic staff to know that the car is allowed into the parking lot prior to the general dismissal students.

Why do the name tags need to be on the passenger side?

  • The adults who call your child’s name are on the passenger side of the vehicle. If the tag is not visible to them, they will not know to call your child’s name.

Why can’t I stop anywhere in the line? Why do I need to move up when my child is close to my car?

  • It is very important for the car line to fill up completely for as many cars as possible to fill the space. This way the car line will move faster and smoother.

Why do I need to hang up the phone when I am in the car rider line?

  • According to law enforcement, Florida is a “hands free” state. It is against the law to be on the phone or texting while driving.
  • Furthermore, it is very unsafe for you, our children, other cars, and the members of the staff who are on duty to provide a safe and secure arrival and dismissal for your children.

Should I wait at the crosswalk or can I walk my student over at any point of the line?

  • Parents and students must always move to the crosswalk which is supervised by a staff member in order to safely cross when the staff member signals.
  • Not doing this is a danger to you, your child and the cars that are moving through the line.
  • It is also a good way to model “following directions” to your child.

Why can’t I park and walk up to the area where my child is standing?

  • We have a procedure for picking children up from school.
  • We do not allow for parents to pick children up from the line due to the fact that this would go against our procedures and does not provide a safe, secure and orderly dismissal process.

Why can’t I get out of the car while in the car rider line?

  • It takes more time when parents get out of the car and this holds up the progress.
  • It is also a safety concern.

Why can’t I send anyone to pick up my child? Why is my ID necessary?

  • Whoever picks up your child must be on the emergency pick-up card.
  • Everyone must provide their identification.
  • While you may be known to one person at the front desk, there are others who may work at the front desk but they may not know you. This is why it is mandatory that an ID be presented each time.

What happens if my child is late to school and everyone has gone inside?

  • You will need to walk your child into the building to check him/her in to school.
  • You should not let your child come in alone as that is a safety concern.