Ways You can help Osceola

Ways You can help Osceola!!

My Coke RewardsCOKE REWARDS: Osceola participates in the Coke Rewards program! Any My Coke Rewards points earned from codes found on participating brand packages can be donated to a school. My Coke Rewards participating brands include Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero, DASANI, POWERADE ION, Minute Maid, VAULT, Pibb Extra, Fanta, Fresca, Barq’s, and Mello Yello. For a full list of participating brands and packages, check out the “Pick Up Points” section of My Coke Rewards. Any Bonus Points earned can also be donated to schools. Participating brands may change so check the site for a complete list of current participating brands and packages. Sign up, donate points and keep track of our progress!!! BoxTops for Education

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: Osceola receives $.10 for every Box Top that YOU send in!!! Box Tops can be found on many items – View a complete list of items. Get aunts, uncles, grandparents and neighbors involved. Each student that sends in 25 Box Tops taped to a sheet will receive a prize (be sure to write your name and grade on the sheet)!! This is an awesome way to earn extra money for Osceola. Go to www.boxtops4education.com – sign up and keep track of Osceola’s progress! eBoxTops for Education

Earn eBoxTops!!! Over 100 popular retailers give eBoxTops to your school when you start your online shopping trip at btfe.com/marketplace. Just click on your favorite retailer and eBoxTops will be donated directly to your school with your qualifying purchase. You can earn up to 15 eBoxTops per $10 you spend. Don’t miss out on this easy way to earn even more for Osceola! Learn more about eBoxTops!!!

 Labels for EducationCAMPBELL’S SOUP – LABELS FOR EDUCATION: Labels for Education rewards Osceola with free educational equipment in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell’s family of brands. View the full list of products! It’s a fun, easy program where students, families and members of the community can work together for a common goal. Fore more information, visit the Labels for Education website. Clip those labels today!!!! Target Red Card

TARGET RED CARD/TAKE CARE OF EDUCATION: Sign up today and designate Osceola (school id 42201) as your school of choice. Target will donate up to 1% of your Red Card purchases to Osceola! Its simple!! Enroll online (800) 316-6142 or in stores. Target Debit Card holders can enroll online or call (800) 316-6142. If you already have a Target Red Card, don’t forget to designate Osceola as your school of choice!! Ask friends, family members and neighbors to designate Osceola as their school of choice, too!!

INK CARTRIDGES: Please remember to donate your used ink cartridges to Osceola!! There is a large bin in the hallway for you to drop your used cartridges off. Get your co-workers, family and friends involved!! What a great way to help our environment, too!